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Cclose-up of a police car. Blue rotating beacon on the roof of a police car in the street.

FN Smart ProtectoR®-303T

FN Herstal introduces its latest innovation in kinetic less lethal solutions developed mainly for law enforcement and security agencies.

A crowd of people in a modern building can be a bustling and energetic environment, full of diverse individuals from all around the world.

FN Smart ProtectoR®-303T

The only kinetic less lethal system that drastically
reduces the risk of unintentional headshots

  1. Warns the user and blocks the trigger if aimed at a head

  2. Intrinsic benefits of the FN 303® Tactical are fully retained: safety + efficiency + accuracy

  3. Valuable data can be provided for after-action reviews or judicial investigations

  4. Target training system is included


For which missions?

  • Law enforcement
  • Public safety
Crowded Train Station: A busy man navigating the commute, Generative AI
The MILIPOL Daily dedicates a full-page article to the FN Smart ProtectoR®-303T
MILIPOL’s daily magazine, on the second day, contained an article giving an in-depth view of the FN Smart ProtectoR®-303T, and…
The MILIPOL Daily dedicates a full-page article to the FN Smart ProtectoR<sup>®</sup>-303T